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lasting memories

MUSIQTRIP is the travel agency of the event company MUSIQ GmbH Switzerland. We organise international group tours in the electronic music sector with well-known international DJs. We bring wonderful people together and celebrate together at the most beautiful locations in the world. We are united by our love for electronic music, which represents our philosophy: love, peace, freedom, generosity and tolerance. Together we experience unbelievably beautiful moments that remain in our memories forever.

Our Musiqtrips always include the following important aspects:

Own resort or hotel for the whole group

Musical entertainment at the pool

Parties at exclusive indoor and outdoor locations

Wonderful nature experiences

National and international well known musicians

Electronic music in all its wonderful variations

Tolerance and friendliness among participants

Adventure & Freedom

Our Vision

Musiqtrip is the exact spot where your paths in the physical, virtual and spiritual world intersect with ours. This is also the place where you or Ior them no longer exist as separate entities, but become unified as one and accept this new reality as Us. Us is a single reality we all fit with all our qualities; Us is the heart of the lover, and Us is the name of Love. Every single person is accepted equally, is loved and is joined to this house.

Our Mission

The aim is to have an unforgettable time together. To make new friends, enjoy good music, see the most beautiful sunsets, experience freedom, soak up the sun and relax. Respecting nature, supporting charity projects, and all this in a paradisiacal place together with good friends.

MUSIQTRIP Zanzibar with Friedas Büxe Club Zurich

A few impressions of our last trip together with Frieda’s Büxe Zurich.

Group tour with partymarty in koh samui

A few impressions of our last trip together with Partymarti to Thailand.

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