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Africa Amini Life Foundation

In order to finance the different projects of Africa Amini Alama, the charitable tourism organization Africa Amini Life was founded. All the income we generate through overnight stays, activities as well as excursions is directly invested in the orphanage, schools and hospital. If money can be connected with feelings as well as experiences, we believe that those can be helped who cannot take care of themselves.

Our Mission

We have made it our goal to support the Africa Amini orphanage, affectionately named Kindervilla. The smallest ones need the most help. We were on site to get an overview of the living conditions of the little ones. Actually they lack everything. From basic food, clothes, clean water and everyday products like soap, washing up liquid etc. there is never enough for everyone. We have received a list from the director of the home with all the urgently needed products. We will go shopping for these together during the next visit in March and bring them the stuff personally.

urgently needed

The orphanage needs the following products the most. These products can either be taken by yourself or you can choose to donate to the orphanage which you can do below.

Donate for the orphanage

You can make a big impact with a small donation. The children of the orphanage will be grateful. You will see it with your own eyes.


Gifts for the children

Of course, the gifts for the children may not be missing. It warms everyone’s heart when a Massai child gets shiny eyes and smiles at you because of a small gift. Everyone who has booked this additional trip can take gifts for the girls and boys from home. Small gifts also create great joy.

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